Hey looky here.

by Brandon on

A while ago, I got off my ass and ordered a new server.

Just recently, Jonathon got off his ass and transferred the domain to the new server. If you remember, our old database got corrupted, and we weren’t able to add new content. We were going to have to wipe the slate clean, and I figured if we were going to start all over, we’d start all over on a server I owned and could take care of since Jonathon is a secret agent or something, and disappears from time to time. Now I have to get off my ass, and make this site look more Nintendorksy, which I plan to do, but it will take time, and I thank you for your patience!

The forums seem “down,” and it might be because the domain transfer screwed up forums.nintendorks.com. I’ll get on top of that, and when I hear something I’ll update here. The same goes for #studio64’s irc.nintendorks.com address.

FINAL UPDATE: forums.nintendorks.com works now, and so does irc.nintendorks.com. If they don’t for you, they will eventually.