DRCs 03-26-08

by Brandon on

If you didn’t notice it before, there’s a little form at the bottom of the page…

it seems somewhat appropriate that the return of drc’s would come in my last semester of college, given that my first drc was sent in on my graduation day from high school.

it’s all about me! – graddy

Brandon: Congratulations on being the first DRC of the “new” site! You win nothing!

Can this be the first drc question you answer? – BeerInTheDark

Brandon: Sure!

Shit, I’ve been sending unwitty comments via carrier pigeon to “Brandon, DC area” for the past two years. – WelshCleats

Brandon: That would explain all the bird shit on my car, thanks.

HOLY CRAP! This little box? It’s awesome. Excuse me, I have something in my eye. – hero

Brandon: It’s your eyeball!

I forgot how this works. Where do I send the pictures of my ass? – Mark

Brandon: You are confused, that’s what the takedown cam in Burnout Paradise is for.

Do you think the Revolution will beat the next XBox when it releases? – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: I see what you did there.

I should be doing my homework. Instead I’m sprawled out in bed trying to figure out a way to play Rock Band drums with minimal amount of moving. Which I suppose is not the best way to play drums. Also its too bad I can’t translate my plastic peripheral guitar skills into actual music ability. – Shakey

Brandon: Perhaps there are other plastic peripheral skills you can translate into actual ability. I bet there are.

Uh, hey my names Kurt and me and the boys down here at the construction site just really wanted to hear Ace of Spades by Motorhead. So, thanks! KROCK 97.5 RULES – Refreshy

Brandon: I’m sorry, all we have is Ace of Base. Enjoy!

You can’t smuggle me across the border in your anus. – Alcohol

Brandon: You can if it’s in one of those little airplane bottles. Or three.

Here comes A New Challenger – ANC

Brandon: I just got a little excited, but then realized it’s only you.

So great to see the site back up. With a background created by me, even! Rock on! – Cap’n Smite

Brandon: None of us would be alive if it weren’t for you. Thank you for your service to our country. Actually wait, I created this background! I remember using the little rulers in photoshop to line the icons up, and then applying the fade mask thingy! But I’ll give you credit for giving me the idea. You win the same prize as graddy.

I just had a baby girl. So like, is my dick useless now? Thanks bye! – SerratedEdge

Brandon: I just thought of the most horribly inappropriate response, but out of respect of your new baby girl I will refrain.and tell my friends

Hey, have you guys seen the new Zelda yet? It has a horse! – A Leftover DRC

Brandon: It seems so long ago…

Why didn’t one of us think of making that Nintendo facts video? SHAME ON YOU ALL. – Mark

Brandon: Because it would require work.

It’s kinda nice that the Wii is this generations PS2. I just wish it didn’t get its leftovers. But hell, white drums are neat!

It’s not that I care anyway. Brawl is all I need as it is. – REVLIK

Brandon: I should get online with that more, but I’m too busy unlocking stages and characters…I just got Jiggly with it! I’m sorry.

Holy shit DRC form, what?! – llamapalooza

Brandon: Exactly.

Playing “Rock You Like a Hurricane” on GH3 truly makes me feel like a rock god. – Gato

Brandon: I think that’s the point!

I am really shitty at being vigilante, I lost it for us townies. Lesson learned though, keep it in the pants and never trust a hoor. – CellPhoneGuy

Brandon: I’m just going to pretend you were more drunk than I was.

If you post my DRC, I’ll buy you a drink at dorkfest if you show up. – Momtartin

Brandon: Deal.

Welcome back!

Time to resume slacking off and not updating the DRCs. I wouldn’t have Nintendorks any other way! – Jbond64

Brandon: You’re sweet.

I was thinking it’s quite inappropriate that I’ve been playing the 360 more than the Wii and, what’s more, would refuse to boot up the Wii as I think to myself “I don’t feel like waving my arms around after work when I can lean back with a 360 controller.” I have become the people I used to make fun of.

All this means is that I need an exercise montage so that I can have enough energy after a work day to remember that wrist movements aren’t that taxing. Will you be my trainer? – Boris Stoke

Brandon: I just searched YouTube for that montage from Wet Hot American Summer, and it’s not on there. What a travesty. I can’t help you, but perhaps Wii Fit can!

Hey you should play studio mafia sometime. And then write an article about how awesome it was. – Trekridr

Brandon: Or I could just play it and not do that second part.

I have been wanting to type in a drc for so long and I’ve already squandered what may be my only chance. – librivox recording

Brandon: This is quite possibly the worst DRC I have ever read in my entire life.

For the record, it was my idea to kill you and then railroad jobo the next day. And it is never cool to have a VD. – DoC

Brandon: You’re right, Michael Vick has herpes, and look where that got him.