Internet loves the radio star

by Brandon on

You’ll notice one of the links on the sidebar is Nintendorks Radio (and when Brawl comes out next Sunday, you’ll want to notice the Datadorks link).

Nintendorks Radio is hosted by readers Mark “Zeogold” Whateverhislastnameis, and Boris “has a last name” Stoke. After getting through some technical growing pains, the Seavers have turned their nerdy ramblings into a nice little weekly (or at least they try to be weekly) podcast thing. So check it out if you want to hear two nerds discuss all things encompassing the Nintendorks community, and videogames in general. I have to say this week’s episode is probably my favorite so far, and unquestionably their best yet. There’s just something magical about it that I can’t put my finger on. Questions or comments (which will be read during the show or ignored completely) can be sent to