Old news: the elderly love Wii

by Chris V on

On the March 13th broadcast of Philadelphia’s Fox29 news, “reporter” Jennaphr [sic] Frederick informed viewers that the Nintendo Wii is popular with the geriatric crowd as a form of social and physical activity (or to quote Jennaphr [sic], the Wii “can provide hours of entertainment…and exercise!”).

Terry Alburger, Fitness Director of Brittany Pointe Estates in Lansdowne, PA, said that the Wii has “become part of our vocabulary. You’ll hear it in our hallways: are you wii-ing today?” And the answer is always yes, although sometimes it involves involuntary urination. Alburger was enthusiastic about the Wii, saying that it gets senior citizens up and moving when they otherwise wouldn’t. “Nintendo took exercise and cleverly disguised it as fun,” she mused, in much the same way Eric took his penis and cleverly disguised it as a lollipop at the county fair (charges are pending).

Aside from the minimal amount of exercise required to stay alive, these community Wii sessions in retirement communities and nursing homes are also helping wrinkled husks to bond. Nintendo estimates that nearly a quarter of its players are over 50 years old, meaning that shuffleboard and wearing vinyl pants are not the only activity old people are sharing these days. Nintendo is truly bringing together people of all ages…and at a healthy profit.