Nintendo may meet demand, sell more product

by Chris V on

Lazard analyst Colin Sebastian is predicting that Nintendo may kinda possibly sorta actually release enough Wii consoles to, get this, (nearly) meet consumer demand.

As reported by Gamasutra, which continues to have one of the most hideous looking websites of the 21st century, Sebastian theorized that Nintendo “may consider incremental production and/or shifting of regional unit allocation” which would allow people that want a Wii to actually buy one without having to sleep outside of a Best Buy in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. This would be unprecedented in the 16+ month North American lifespan of the Wii, and may force Nintendo’s competitors to also produce enough product to almost meet demand (presuming there was any demand for a PS3…oh, I went there). Sebastian also noted that the shitastic American economy is not pulling down video game sales as much as it could. “We believe there is little spillover into the video game market from overall consumer spending weakness,” Sebastian mused in the popular vernacular, as is his wont to do. “Shares in the interactive entertainment sector are down approximately 4% over the last six months vs. the Nasdaq down 15%.” What this means to consumers is that while the bank may be foreclosing on your house, you can at least live inside the box that your 360 came in.