There Is Be New Blood

by Brandon on

Over 20 dorks sent in applications to write for the site, so thanks for all that.

It’s good to know the site has at least 20 readers. Out of all the applications, two kicked more ass than others, so I asked the two fellas if they’d like to write for Nintendorks for less than less than peanuts, and for some reason or another, they said yes! So, let’s have a big Nintendorks welcome to Kevin “RubixsQube” Hainline, and Adam “ShadowKing” Robinson. Kevin is known to the ladies as Mr. Nintendork 2007TM, and known to the internet for bringing everyone joy. Adam is known for lurking on the Nintendorks message board ever since Nintendorks had a message board, I think…I guess that doesn’t really make him “known,” so it will be an exciting adventure to see if he’s a tool or not. Join me, won’t you?

For everyone else that applied, thanks again. Like I said in the thread about all this, a few other applicants showed promise of being big bright shining stars, so once these two schlubs get settled in I may be reaching out to bring in even more new blood until the site is bursting like one big, beautiful blood blister.