Ancient, reanimated game to see Wii re-release

by Cory Birdsong on

Scans of some Japanese magazine seem to indicate that 2006’s Xbox 360 zombie smashing simulator Dead Rising will be making its way to the Wii at some point in time.

Capcom apparently felt that this news was not important enough to interrupt 30 straight minutes of information about the Lost Planet movie during their E3 press conference.

Dead Rising, one of the Xbox 360’s first major hits, was noted as something that couldn’t be done on previous generation consoles simply due to the number of zombies on screen at once. I’m concerned that the game might suffer in translation, potentially bad motion controls aside.

Capcom, however, have expressed concerns about having the game’s text become “too legible” in the port. They said they are considering requiring players to use a Game Boy Advance hooked up to the Wii using a Gamecube/GBA cable. Even then, Capcom said, the text will only be printed in 3-pixel-tall Comic Sans MS.