Nintendorks Chatter Presents: Captain Rainbow

by Adam Robinson on

A new Nintendo IP? And a flat-out crazy one at that… But don’t let me describe it to you! Let the boys on the forums give you the 411:

CNE says: Seriously, watch the embedded video. About 2/3 of the way through you see in-game footage. (Look at the footage! Lookatthefootage!) I want to watch ASPLM play this game. While he’s wearing a pink bow tie on his head like Birdo. And pink Speedos. And nothing else.

Edit: I bet there’s going to be a race to see which Nintendork staffer can put a news post up about this first.

Real journalism from Nintendorks staffers, CNE? Are you kidding me? You guys do most of the work around here. For more (some deliciously NSFW) commentary, keep on a truckin’.
**fearsomepirate** added: Looks right up your alley, and by “alley” I mean “anus.” As in a penis up your anus. Because you’re gay. And gay people like rainbows. Like this game.
**Skoad** posited this idea:

Looks like the same people that made Chibi-Robo.

To which VerusMaya replied: Because it is. In fact, they have the same HUD for the most part [time of day up in the corner, I believe], and there was one sequence where a pan fell on the protagonist’s head — that was in Chibi-Robo too. The TV set is incredibly close to the TV in the living room from Chibi-Robo too, not to mention the music is most likely from the same composer. Not like I’m complaining, it looks incredibly fun in that wacky Japanese way. It’s good to see a company that has a identifiable style to it.

Glad they put furigana over the kanji in Birdo’s subtitles, I might go back and actually try to read it later. Too early in the day to pause and read.

Great job, intrepid posters! Thanks for doing my work for me.

Seriously though, thanks.