Wii is totally for kids–kids who love playing Beer Pong

by Brandon on

I admit I’ve never played Beer Pong. Partially because I don’t wear my baseball cap at a hip angle, nor do I pop my collar. Another reason being I never joined a fraternity. I’d say the biggest reason, however, is I don’t need a stupid game telling me when to drink. When surrounded by douchebags, I find drinking as much and as fast as possible is more effective than waiting for someone to pollute my plastic cup with a bacteria-ridden ping pong ball. JV Games and Midway are beginning a series of Wii Ware games called “Frat Party Games” with the first installment being a game called “Pong Toss” which is also known as “Beer Pong.” I guess they couldn’t call it “Beer Pong” because beer is BAD. That doesn’t stop jackasses from protesting, however! Naturally, a videogame of a drinking game (with an ESRB T rating) will cause an uproar amongst the ignorant, so strap in folks, we’re about to get hit again by Hurricane Dumbshit! (Remember the huge uproar over Tapper? Me neither!)

Future installments of Frat Party Games will include the likes of Shuffleboard and Air Hockey, which are games I have played, and here’s a note to the kids: those games are more fun when you’re drinking. So drink up! You can find screenshots of “Pong Toss” at any of the above links, but they look so bad I didn’t want to shit up the glory of this esteemed site. You are welcome. You can view a video here, or after the jump.

Thanks to The Big O and Dukes show for bringing this to my attention.