Wii Ware Expectant Mother of Precocious Classic Games

by Adam Robinson on

There’s a lot of buzz going around with Mega Man 9, Capcom‘s uber-retro revitalization of the series.

And for good measure, as it looks to be a pretty clear winner among the Wii games being released this holiday season. You’d think with everyone talking about how cutting edge making a deliberately retro game in 2008 is, more people would be coattail riding this whole thing. You’d be correct! Koji Igarashi, the handler of all things Castlevania, has expressed a keen interest in how Mega Man 9 and Wii Ware itself shake down in the coming months. This isn’t really surprising, considering Konami literally pimps 2-D Castlevania games like crazy, but who am I to complain? I think I’m the only human being left excited for Judgment. [Thanks, Wii Fanboy.]