Young starlets on beach love Wii

by Chris V on

This just in at the beginning of the week – “Bright Young Hollywood” vixens, some of which are underage and highly illegal to sleep with, are big fans of Nintendo’s Wii console.

These young women, of whom I am vaguely familiar with (in theory), appeared in Vanity Fair and spoke highly of Nintendo, albeit briefly. Emma Roberts, age 17, star of the film Nancy Drew, Blake Lively, age 20, co-star of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Fellowship of the Wandering Trousers in the U.K.), and Amanda Seyfried, age 22, from Mean Girls, all support the Wii. Says Lively, “[I get terribly moist for] Guitar Hero for Wii. I had them write it into the show [apparently she is on a television show – ed].” Seyfried adds, “[my nipples get rock hard for] Wii, because of Guitar Hero,” apparently unaware that Guitar Hero is available on all three consoles.

There’s something like seven more pages of celebrity Q&A nonsense, but like hell I’m going to waste any more time on this sham of a news article.