Former SCEE boss says stuff

by Chris V on

According to Eurogamer, former Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President and current Edinburgh Interactive Festival President Chris Deering predicted that by the year of our Lord 2011 A.D., both Sony and Nintendo would be tied in hardware sales figures.

Eurogamer’s Ellie Gibson notes that Deering “presented figures he arrived at by triangulating Screen Digest and IDG data” and by considering “the growth of high definition and the grey gamer market, the emergence of new game engines and the increased ubiquity of Wi-Fi access.” Deering also calculated the hypotenuse of the vertical growth of the two companies’ dynamic market place fluctuations in connection to their paradigm shifts and any future masstige.

For those who are curious about those 2011 numbers, they are:

NDS – 150 million

Wii – 80 million

PS2 – 90 million

PS3 – 70 million

PSP – 70 million

360 – 40 million