If a Z-targets when no one is around

by Travis Woodside on

…would it still lock onto a Wolfos? You may be familiar with semi-popular books, ‘The Matrix and Philosophy’ or ‘The Simpsons and Philosophy’, which attempt to make questioning existence exciting.

Now in an attempt to entice even more people who are already thinking about philosophy to think about it… more… comes The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy.

**Some Questions Raised in the Book**

-What is the nature of the gamer’s connection to Link?

-Does Link have a will, or do gamers project their wills onto him?

-How does the gamer experience the game?

-Do the rules of logic apply in the game world?

-How is space created and distributed in Hyrule (the fictional land in which the game takes place)?

-How does time function?

-Is Zelda art?

-Can Hyrule be seen as an ideal society?

-Can the game be enjoyable without winning?

And now the answers…


-N/A The gamer is Link

-A controller

-23 is number 1!

-Created by the three goddesses

-It’s FAST


-If you can have a successful business and sleep as much as Talon, sure


You can pick up the book at virtually any bookstore, though my guess is it’ll be difficult to find at a small place at your local mall. Stick to the big places or order online at Amazon via the above link. It’s cheaper there anyway.