New Old Games: August 25

by Adam Robinson on

Pretty sure I missed last week’s update, which included Mega Man, but after getting burned so hard when predicting it would be out a week earlier, it was probably fitting that I took a week off from embarrassing myself.

But whatever. This week’s Wii Ware title is Helix (1 player, 1,000 points), a game about dancing and rhythm and combining the two. Maybe there’s an exercise focus? I don’t know. All I know is that I am incredibly uninterested in this game.

But hey, remember when there was talk of both Samurai Showdown II and Ys: Book I + II coming to the Virtual Console? Don’t worry your pretty little head anymore, because both are now available for you to run out and purchase. Having played both of these games, it’s easier to recommend Samurai Showdown, simply because it’s the superior NEOGEO version and I like fighting games. But if role-playing games are more your thing, there is a lot to like about Ys, sans the fucking title, which makes my fingers bleed to type. Samurai Showdown is 900 points while Ys is 800; fairly pricey to be sure, but both are actually kind of good, so who cares.

Wanna talk about the Virtual Console? Head on over to llamapalooza’s thread on the forums, where folks are in the midst of a discussion about Super Mario RPG finally hitting the VC in the states. Ha ha! You guys are kooks.