Nintendo, Destroyer of Worlds

by Chris V on

For ten straight months, Nintendo’s Wii has outsold the competition.

According to Mike “Dee” Snider of USA Today, Nintendo sold more than twice as many Wii systems as Sony sold PS3s for the month of July. The exact numbers were 555,000 for Nintendo versus 224,900 for Sony. The XBox 360 came in last with 204,800 systems, although there is no word on how many units Michael Phelps sold of the popular Michael Phelps Hype Machine. With Nintendo’s Wii user base now at 11.4 million people, the company has finally gotten around to producing more consoles. “We are hearing of the ability to go into some retailers to find Wii and Wii Fit,” says Denise Kaigler, Nintendo’s VP of Observation. “We are doing everything we can to stop that keep up with demand.” The number of Wii systems produced per month has increased from 1.8 million to 2.4 million.

Taking this news and combining it with the fact that Nintendo has also sold 608,400 DS systems in July and 21.4 million over the life of the system, it remains unclear whether Nintendo will leave the hardware business and focus on creating third party games for Sony.