“So frightening you’ll cry blood from your own eyes.”

by Travis Woodside on

While it’s not altogether surprising for the Wii to receive more light gun games that are not actually light gun games; I’m actually surprised that the upcoming ‘House of the Dead: Overkill’ looks interesting.

Maybe it’s just the Grindhouse style trailer presentation, but… I want this game. They’ve come for brains. You’ll give them… bullets.

The graphics seem pretty cool, there are apparently gun reload animations, and you can kill zombies with a friend. This just may be the best blaxploitation zombie shooter ever. Put me down as oddly excited. You can join me in looking forward to the Headstrong Games developed title to be published by Sega in 2009.

Quick thought: Would I care at all about the game if the Wii were receiving a steady supply of real games? A man could go mad looking for these sorts of answers.