What a Wonderful Year to Have a Curse

by Travis Woodside on

With exclusive third party support for the Wii somehow incredibly low despite the console’s tremendous sales and control scheme (which you would think would necessitate exclusive development) I find myself latching onto anything that looks even remotely promising.

And hey, this is some nice looking concept art I found thanks to Joystiq and the technicolor dreamcoat.

All we know about the game is that it’s called ‘Cursed Mountain’ and being brought exclusively to the Wii by the fellows working on ‘S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky’ for the PC. The original title from which their PC expansion is based has some problems but a really cool atmosphere. Being that ‘Cursed Mountain’ is a survival horror title you can count me as moderately hopeful for… something. Unless this becomes another ‘Sadness’ you may want to throw some interest over this way. ‘Cursed Mountain’ is the only Wii game slated for 2009 from a third party that I can say I’m even remotely interested in.