A Super Race

by Travis Woodside on

This past Saturday a most momentous event took place.

I alone stood against the fury might of faithful Nintendorks Garman and Jbond64 when faced with the challenge to play through Super Mario Land before they could. I would tell you exactly how that event ended, but then what suspense would be left? Besides, it’s already spoiled all over the message board anyway. Super Mario Land is a GameBoy exclusive released in 1989. It’s incredibly short, featuring only 4 worlds with 3 stages each at most. The jumping physics are different from console Mario titles, which gives it a slight challenge right off the bat. A gimped “fireball” powerup and world 3-3, where demons are born, add to the title’s uniqueness when compared to its bigger brothers. Still, if you’re interested in a classic you could do worse than Super Mario Land. At the time it was released it was the best title for the GameBoy that wasn’t Tetris.

If you’re interested in watching the amazing race go down you can check out the following links. In my experience, the flash player has trouble with slower connections, but that might just be me.

Download Link || Flash Player Link