My Time With a Brother and His Arms

by Travis Woodside on

“Brothers in Arms: Double Time” is exclusive to the Wii except for the fact it’s a port of two old games previously released for the PS2, Xbox, and PC.

Still… you can use a wiimote? Still, “Double Time” is a pretty nifty package. You get two games (TWO GAMES) for the price of one. Both “Road to Hill 30” and the much better named “Earned in Blood” are included in this two disc set. The only catch is that you lose the multiplayer modes for the two titles but, if you’re at all interested in playing a game on the Wii, online multiplayer probably isn’t on your priority list anyway.

Having originally played the original “Road to Hill 30” years ago I can tell you that so far this port is a faithful one. Nothing is censored or cut and the graphics quality hasn’t dropped at all. Technically the Wii should be capable of something nicer than what we do get, but the Nazis look better than the satanic pig demons you fight in “Call of Duty 3.” So if you hate Nazis and like Jews this is a pretty good buy. I had a bit of trouble getting used to the controls, but then I was able to kill Aryans quite easily. The game’s a true story too so you can feel cultured while you blow their legs off.