“Evoking fear is, in itself, an art form ”

by Travis Woodside on

Ben Croshaw, who you may know as “Yahtzee” from Zero Punctuation, has written an absolutely fantastic article.

It’s about video games as an art form, but also modifying a game experience through government mandated censorship shackles a form of art which hasn’t had a chance to grow and evolve. Mature games have hit a sort of wall, being forced to modify their content in places like Australia and Germany despite the fact the games already aren’t for kids and still wouldn’t be after these obscure censorships. The article in question is here. I wish I wrote it so that you would all think more highly of me. Instead I’m stuck reading it, powerless to keep the fast talking Yahtzee voice from permeating my inner monologue.

*I am one redundant mother