Miyamoto: peace sells, but who’s buying?

by Chris V on

“I don’t want to curb freedom of expression, but I am concerned that many developers focus just on excessive violence in order to stimulate people’s mind [sic],” legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto said on Channel 4, England’s most popular public service television station (the station can be found on channel 8 in Wales, because, well, they’re Welsh).

As relayed in PC World, Miyamoto claimed “there are more ways of grabbing players’ attention than violence alone.” Boobs, perhaps? Miyamoto went on further, stating, “Nintendo’s mission is to improve and to take advantage of cheap technology to create reasonable and affordable entertainment.” So…Pikmin boobs?

Apparently the gentle creator did not elaborate on how he would use boobs, but did remind us of the importance of not dying while playing World of Warcraft. “We need to eat in order to live, that’s our first priority,” Miyamoto explained.

Nintendo: we’re not afraid to convert food into energy.™