With No Regard To Public Opinion, Nintendorks Staffer Makes News Post Concerning Castlevania: Judgment

by Adam Robinson on

I’m kind of a Castlevania nerd; I’ve been playing those damn games (over and over and over) as long as I can remember.

The newest entry, Order of Ecclesia, is the most refined iteration of the series to date. But we all knew that game was gonna be “the balls,” as kids tend to say. I want to talk about the bastard child of the Castlevania series, Castlevania: Judgment. The basics are well-known by now: Castlevania-based, one-on-one fighter developed exclusively for the Wii, etc. If you’re doing the math at home, you know that the basics pretty much confirm that game is going to be unmitigated garbage; insertion of the disc into your Wii could probably be considered rape in a few states. But, as a Castlevania fan, my joystick gets frothing hard at the idea of this game, especially with the full cast of characters revealed. They are:

* Simon Belmont
  • Dracula

  • Death

  • Trevor Belmont

  • Alucard

  • Eric Lecarde

  • Carmilla

  • Maria

  • Golem

  • Shanoa

  • Aeon

  • Grant Danasty

  • Cornell

  • Sypha Belnades

Go ahead and begin making fun of both the game and me. But rest assured that I will be getting this game on release, I will be reviewing it, and I won’t even pretend to be partial.