Virtual BoyHomebrew?

by Kevin on

Boingboing recently launched a cute little video game site (because that’s what the internet needs!

More video game websites) that is mostly worthless, except it brought to my attention a contest sponsored by Planet Virtual Boy for making VB homebrew games. That sound you just heard was every single person who is currently reading this article saying “Why?” at the same time. I’ve written about Nintendo’s poor little red bastard before, and while I have a soft spot in my heart for the console, I am scratching my head as well. Apparently, they sell a virtual boy flash cart, which I would assume is the loneliest flash cart you will ever see, although it’s sold out right now. So, again, what. The winners include a cute Mario Kart emulation, and an awesome version of Outrun, which, if you remember, had a seizure-inducing anaglyph 3D mode. My favorite game, though, is the Tron lightbikes game; if you watch the video, looks like it is a complete waste of the 3D environment save for the opening. You know, even though I am a constant source of snarky articles where I complain about things, I have to admit that even though this is completely unnecessary, it’s pretty badass.