Time to twit our twats off

by Brandon on

I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of this sooner, but Cory is obviously smarter than all of us, and created a Nintendorks account on Twitter for us staffers to use.

It will be used for site updates, like when I put up some DRCs. Or for general Nintendo tidbits like when Cory linked to reports of Sega being pleased with the sales of their gory games. Or for wacky Nintendo/Nintendork material like when Travis linked to a Mario/Empire Strikes Back painting. Or maybe for general blogs like when Adam sharted at work. I’m kidding–The Nintendorks twitter account will be strictly Nintendo and Nintendorks related. Adam’s shart story would only be told on his personal Twitter account or in the staff forum were such a thing as that ever happen to him. If you haven’t guessed by now, you want to follow https://twitter.com/Nintendorks. Nay, you NEED to.