Gladiator A.D. is Bloody, Will Sell

by Travis Woodside on

“Gladiator A.D.” is the arguably exciting new game from makers of “The Conduit.” High Voltage Software, known mostly for its games on licensed properties, has made a stir recently (a couple years ago) with its claim that it can please “hardcore” gamers on the Wii.

This claim is currently untested by “The Conduit,” which has not yet released, however if there’s one thing hardcore gamers love it’s blood so I think “Gladiator A.D.” will do just fine

he game in question is said to be a one on one fighter with occasionally “more complex” situations thrown in.

**Design Director, David Pellas:**

“Gladiator A.D. is not a traditional 3D fighting game. It’s more of a hybrid between 3D Fighting games like Bushido Blade and Boxing games like Fight Night. The action is intense, but the combat is strategic. You need to learn your opponent’s weaknesses and think through your attack patterns to succeed. There is no button-mashing here.”

While it’s not a description which gives a clear idea of the game’s content I can’t help but be intrigued. “Gladiator A.D.” is currently slated for release early next year. “The game has blood in it. Red blood. I think that will make people want to buy it.” said CEO of High Voltage, Kerry Ganofsky, when describing how the game was not as shiny as “The Conduit.” I am forced to agree. There is blood in it. The game will also take advantage of Wii Motion Plus so that when you yell, “Cachow!” while swinging your wiimote like a sword the game will maybe sort of mimic your actions.

You can read a full interview about the game if you feel like going to IGN.COM.