Printed Games Journalism: The Revenge

by Adam Robinson on

If that doesn't give you a boner...

ou know what I miss?

Good games magazines. Since the fall of EGM, there really hasn’t been a go-to printed mag that’s worth reading. Sure, you’ve got your Game Informers, your GamePros, your Nintendo Powers… But these guys all have varying degrees of credibility and all basically serve the same purpose: preview aggregate. Do you need to buy these magazines? No! Should you? Only if you want the counter jockey at EB Games to shut the fuck up about it already, Jesus Christ.

Well, things are looking up for “games journalism”, as Jeremy Parish (whom Kevin famously corrected about pixelated titties–excellent work, Kevin!) and the rest of the crew at GameSpite have released “GameSpite Quaterly #1”, which is not so much a games magazine as it is an academic games journal. The first issue is 160 pages of retrospective covering everyone’s favorite handheld, the Game Boy. Twenty bucks is pretty steep for an issue, but having read sections of this already, it’s a pretty good price to pay. Check it out here, y’all. And remember: finding good games journalism is about as easy and painless as driving rusty nails through your nipples. So support the good stuff when you see it.