Wii HD?

by Travis Woodside on

If I wanted to create news I would say “WII HD Expected For Release in 2011.” However, that statement is not necessarily true.

It seems that good ole Michael Pachter from the extremely well known Wedbush Morgan Securities claims that it likely will. “Or maybe in 2010,” he added, trying to hide the fact he was trying to sound smart by predicting the future. I don’t know who Michael Pachter is or what the heck Wedbush Morgan Securities is (or whether he made that up to), but I wanted to comment on this “news” because I’m intrigued with what you people think about the whole Wii HD concept. It is brought up in the context of there being no new consoles by 2011, just a HD upgrade for everyone’s favorite Nintendo system. However, and I may be just a simple dirt farmer, but I’m not sure how you make a console HD without releasing a new console that essentially splits the market. Would it up-convert older games to 720p? Would it pump gases out to me while I’m playing so I experience it all in an ultra HD plane of existence known only as 2112i?

I know know and Michael Pachter certainly doesn’t know. What do you know? Send a DRC to Brandon and tell him how you feel.