DRCs: 06-02-09

by Brandon on

DRC me your E3 questions and comments! Whether it’s questions about games, or what you want the gang there to do, who knows what kind of magic could happen?

My new house has a HUGE Jacuzzi. I mean it’s really, really big. Like you could swim laps if you were really good at turns.

What I’m saying here is that it’s large. – A Sad Pathetic Little Man

Brandon: Nobody cares. Well, maybe Jai does. I think this requires picture of Jai in your jacuzzi.

I think the best thing about drcs not being daily is that even your own comments are fresh and surprising. – InnocentBistander

Brandon: I have no idea what I’m about to type here!

So, my ex girlfriend sent me a message on facebook asking (politely) that I send her stuff (a hoodie and a DVD) back via mail. I complied, nicely, so today I went to the post-office. The clerk informed me that I could send it at it’s lowest cost for $7.45, but for FIVE CENTS MORE I could upgrade to priority mail, which would get it there in a day, plus reinforce the package with some heavy-duty tape. Being the douche-bag I am, and wanting to get one last “screw you” to my ex in (even though I don’t hate her), I turned down the offer. Expect 6-8 weeks for delivery! – Dewey

Brandon: You are a gentleman and a scholar. I hope you used that nickel to purchase a delicious gumball.

I have 47 out of 50 gold medals in Rhythm Heaven. I just have Remix 8, Shoot ‘Em Up 2, and Guitars 2 left to go. I’m really embarassed that I don’t have SEU2 done. – Gato

Brandon: You mean you’re trying to complete everything in a game? SHOCKING!

Wii HD is an oxymoron. Also, boo. – Bathtub scene

Brandon: Hahaha.

Hey, could I get your phone number? I’m going drinking later and need someone to confess my undying love to over the phone. – SquirrelGOD

Brandon: I thought about it, then thought about giving you Stolle’s number, then thought about lunch, and now I’m done with this comment.

Do you remember the first star you got in Mario 64? Mine was Behind Chomp’s Gate. – Gabby

Brandon: If I remember, I did what the game told me and went after Big Bomb-omb on the Summit.

Is Punch Out the game that will make playing-with-my-Wii jokes funny again? I miss those. – tubular culosis

Brandon: Wait, they were funny in the first place?

I brought my Gamecube with me to Mexico and forgot my memory card…and all the games I brought were specifically so I could work on the unlockables. Good thing I got Fire Emblem for my DS, or I’d probably have to kill a puppy to entertain myself. – Fearsomepirate

Brandon: God wouldn’t like that.

The, “Who cares, sports games are for girls,” quote showed up randomly on the front page, and I thought: “Hey, that’s my quote. Rock on!” Then, I realized that you are the one who actually said it.

… I only requested for it to be put in the rotation. =[ I am a loser. – Me

Brandon: No you’re not! We’re all winners! Except you.

I’m pretty excited over the prospect of another nintendork staffer attended E3. It makes the magic more personal. – Drake

Brandon: I’m definitely giddy. Feel free to use DRCs to send in questions. I’ll answer them today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday so the gang can read them. Then they can PM me their answers on the forum or something…I dodn’t know, I hadn’t put much thought into this.

Apparently i’m the only one at work that get’s worked up about a post-it note with a piece of stickytape on it. THEY ARE SELF ADHESIVE PEOPLE!! THEY DON’T NEED STICKY TAPE!! Tss, the sheer incompetence i have to put up with. – Gchaime, your hero

Brandon: Maybe it’s a really ollllllld post-it note that has lost its magic.

I used to read Nintendorks everyday — then you were gone — and I just realized you were back, today!

Last thing I remember was making fun of Peer Schneider and his brother, Apple.

Hahah. That’s still funny. – GaidenGT

Brandon: Haha, hey it is!

I’ve figured it out! “Navi” is actually the “Vibe,” and the reason “Navi is lonely” is because she’s not getting any letters! You can even rearrange the letters in “Navi” to spell “Vina”! That could mean “vibe” in Mexican! – Medium Mac

Brandon: Or maybe “wine”.

Wow I haven’t been to this site in about ten years. I refound you websurfing. I hope you still have the same or simlar flavor. – bloobity

Brandon: Or the same similar SEVEN flavors.

hey hey hey i’m goin to E3 i think too they give free tickets to people that work in downtown LA Hotels and guess who works at one? – gettinitupkid

Brandon: You? Perhaps you’ll be one of the lucky ones to get a new Nintendorks condom!

The comments are not daily at all! – Everyone

Brandon: I’ve been dealing with things. Deal.