Flipbook Studio and the Hunt for the Blood Orchid

by Travis Woodside on

In the massive Nintendo booth there was a little iWare “game” that few seemed to pay attention to.

However, it turned out to be a work of art… or should I say YOU became the artist? Eh? Yeah?

Okay, it’s not that good. It’s a novelty at best, but given that it’s slated for release on iWare (probably for 500 points or less) I have no complaints. It features a very simple interface, which allows you to draw some pictures with a few different tools across multiple virtual pages and then play it all in order – like flipping through a book really fast to create an animation; hence, “Flipbook Studio.” It doesn’t try to look fancier than it is. For its very simple function the title is most efficient. I feel like I’m describing a member of the Borg Collective, but what else can I do? Hey, you see the video up there which shows you pretty much all you need to do. It’s a very quick animation and it impressed us enough for being a simple iWare title.