Nintendo: Putting Prima out of business since 2009

by Cory Birdsong on

Remember that patent Nintendo filed that would allow a player that was stuck in a game to pretty much just let the game play that part for them, and then jump in when they felt comfortable?

The USA Today is reporting that feature will be making it into “New Super Mario Bros. Wii” this year. “Hardcore” gamers might scoff, but wouldn’t you like to have the ability to let the game perform any bullshit not-fun task you don’t feel like doing yourself? This is just the next step in getting away from the older idea of “beating” a game with limited lives and continues, and another step toward just having a fun experience without bullshit you don’t care about getting in the way.

Update! I just realized Travis posted the exact same thing slightly before I did. Boy, is my face red. Also, damn you, Travis. At least I have a source. Yeah, screw you, Travis.