Travis Fails at Video Games: Tiger Woods 10

by Travis Woodside on

Wii Motion Plus gives Wii users incredible possibilities which stretch across the vast existences of multiple universes.

However, I’m not good at golf so I guess I’m not that good at Tiger Woods 10. This is technically a positive impression I’m trying to give you of the game. I wish that it had a bit more character so that I could swing the club around wildly instead of it being locked into a swing so that it’s guaranteed to hit the ball, but the actual swing mechanics are good and I enjoy the game. But if I want to slam my club against the ground in anger EA should let me.

If you like golf and you want a golfing game you should consider picking up Tiger Woods 10 with a Wii Motion Plus next week on June 8th (or after? I hate the shipping date/release date confusion).