Wii Sports Resort: Impressions The Second

by Kevin on


hile Cory did a great job talking up this game with his article on our playing Disc Golf on Tuesday, I went back each day to the new Wii Sports Resort and played a new mode. I love this game. Every single time I played a different mini-game, I walked away excited to buy the title. There was always a long queue to play the game, and it wasn’t just for one of the modes. People were playing everything. And there are a lot, a LOT of different games. Each game even has multiple difficulty settings, and multiple modes, and, well, taking a trip to Wuhu Island is well worth your money. Take a sweet hit of “the jump” for mini-game impressions.

We’ve already discussed Disc Golf, and everything Cory said was correct. It is really fun, and a welcome alternative to a sometimes complicated golf game. You can throw the Frisbee in that kind of forehand douchey-popped-collar style!

The next game I played was a round of Swordplay with Cory Faller from N-Sider, and it was a lot better than I had suspected. Most people were waggling the controller in an absurd fashion, but when you focus on the sword playing, the Motion Plus support made for a really tense battle. If you block correctly, you can really dominate against someone who is just waggling the controller. That person will get hit off of the edge. That person is Cory Faller from N-Sider. If you want to practice, there’s even a swordplay mode where you battle a whole bunch of mii’s from your wii, all decked out in little fencing protection outfits.

Travis and I played a very tense round of Archery on the morning of the third day of E3, and this version of archery will have to be put into the next Zelda game, because it is incredibly spot-on. You hold the remote in your dominant hand, and the nunchuck in your pussy-ass hand. By pressing A, your character raises his bow to the upright position, and then you press Z on the nunchuck and pull back. Your character repeats the motion, and a circle narrows, indicating the place where your arrow will fly. This circle will gradually narrow as you hold the arrow, until it blinks and you have to let go because your mii has lost focus. Accounting for wind and distance, you can let go of Z and let loose your arrow. It was really accurate, and really fun. Travis and I came down to a game that was only two points different in the end.

I was worried that Ping-Pong would just be a rehash of Wii Sports Tennis, but I honestly prefer it over the original after an epic beatdown that happened on the afternoon of the third day, retribution for my loss to Travis that morning. The Wii Motion Plus allows for spin and english on the ball, and Ping-Pong is a much quicker game. It was much more fun than any actual game of Ping-Pong I’ve ever played, but mostly because nobody died! Except Travis’ innocence!

There were a lot more modes, including some fun games like Disc Dog, Canoeing, and even a really fun looking Wakeboarding mode. I know that it’ll sell well, but I think that it actually deserves to sell well. It’s the perfect game to get with your Wii Motion Plus. That, and possibly, if you live in the UK, EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis. Damn you, Brits.