“Wii Sports Resort” Price Increase Creates Savings

by Travis Woodside on

Starting October 12th, Nintendo will begin selling a limited edition of “Wii Sports Resort” that includes not one but TWO Wii MotionPlus devices for the low, low price of $59.99.

Nintendo’s attempt at singlehandedly fixing America’s economic woes comes at a savings of over $499.95 over the course of two years if you choose to buy 50 separate versions of this limited edition. That’s a lot of savings! This news comes in the wake of Nintendo’s Wii price drop to $199.99. Is this the beginning of a new and cheaper Nintendo? When asked for comment Mr. Nintendo stated, “No, we’ve always offered affordable products. But I mean, if it makes us look cooler then sure, this is a BRAND NEW CUSTOMER BUDGETIZED NINTENDO! Was that good?”

If you haven’t already picked up “Wii Sports Resort” this October may be your chance.