YEEEAAAAH! (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

by Travis Woodside on


Super Mario Galaxy 2! It’s totally awesome, you guys! Freakin’ dinosaurs IN SPACE! Cosmic clones, talking stars, talking bunnies, cloud suits! This game is super happy! YEAH!

This isn’t a mere equivalent to a Super Mario Galaxy map pack. This game feels surprisingly fresh and even borrows a surprisingly large amount from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Level checkpoints are the sort of thing that I wasn’t missing, but now that they’re here I’m surprised we went without them for so long. Power blocks are all over the place, too. They’ve been in the other 3D Mario titles, but not to this extent. The 3D Marios have always felt like a separate beast from the 2D adventures actually, but Galaxy 2 really seems to marry the two together. I’m quite impressed with what I’ve played so far.

Yeah, you guys! Mario! Woo hoo!