Aragorn’s Quest: This game isn’t finished yet?

by Travis Woodside on

I’m not going to say much about this.

Partially because I wrote a lot about it last year, but also because I’m as tired as a sleepy guy. The game is a lot more refined after a year. There are cutscenes now! The levels look less barren! The Gandalf co-op mechanics seem drastically improved in that player two can move around freely as opposed to the previous iteration which involved a Super Mario Galaxy style co-op mechanism! It’s Tolkien stuff!

Combat doesn’t feel any different, which is no biggie even if it could stand to be improved, but the real crime is the lack of camera controls. It’s really easy to get spun around by your fighting and not be able to see what’s happening behind you.

It’s a fun little game that’s perfect for a divorced father to play with his estranged son on the weekends. I do like that the game goes all the way through The Lord of the Rings trilogy. You’ll see everything from The Shire to Minas Tirith. The scope of the game and theme are really great. It’s just a shame that the actual mechanics leave much to be desired.

Garret: I didn’t hate it, but it could stand to be more fun.