E3 2010.

by Kevin on

Hey, everybody!

Did you guys know that the video game company Nintendo will be talking about their new video games tomorrow morning? At 9:00 AM (PACIFIC TIME, WHICH IS THE ONLY TIME THAT MATTERS), Nintendo is going to trot out Cammie, Reggie and the gang to get us all excited about the coming year. They might show a new, beautiful Zelda! We could see the mysterious 3DS which is going to be a portable PS3, right? I bet that dudes in multi-colored polo shirts will smile and pretend to get super excited about a video game! Miyamoto might ride a (damn) horse out onto stage! Maybe we’ll see a new peripheral that attaches to your hair and monitors its slow and steady growth! The possibilities are truly endless. The Nintendo Press Conference kicks off Nintendorks coverage of the 2010 E3, the yearly competition by various video game companies to see who can do the most incredibly bizarre shit. Microsoft, last night, pretty much won with a Cirque du Soleil crazy-fest. I can’t even describe the event without sounding like I am making shit up. Ubisoft countered today with both a Laser Tag game and a game designed to teach you how to breathe? Nintendo really has a challenge ahead of itself. We’ll be there all week, and you can follow us in a variety of manners:

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Seriously, unlike other websites, where the game journalists pretend to care about their readers (but then TRICK they care about you as much as the booth babes care about them), we really care. We are you. We like things! We want to know what you think. What are your opinions? Who do you want us to fight (to the death)?

We’ll see you guys in the studio tomorrow morning, ok?