by Travis Woodside on

There’s a new NBA Jam, you guys!

It’s not made by Midway or Acclaim. It’s made by Electronic Arts and it’s totally awesome. If I wanted to complain I could say things like “other than improved graphics and updated rosters this doesn’t really feel diferent from old Jams,” but you know what? That’s a good thing. Sonic Team could learn a lot from these guys. Make a new Sonic game that’s like the old ones, you guys! Seriously. Right, so NAMBO JAM is going to have extra modes other than exhibition games. I don’t know what they are (reporting! yeah!) and I have no idea if this game is online, but man. Four player NBA Jam on a game console where such a thing is convenient. You couldn’t do that on your Genesis or SNES. And don’t get me started on the ill fated NBA Jam ’99 which was so bad that it single handedly put Acclaim out of business.

Here, watch this video. It’ll put things so much more succinctly than I can. It made me so happy. Not the video, the game. Though the video is pretty fun too. One of my favorite things is Garret and I being filled with glee and Kevin and Cory’s, by comparison, stone cold faces.