DRCs: 10-31-10

by Brandon on

The Evil Dead is not as good a movie as I remembered.

Quick Draw McGraw? Does that mean you prematurely ejaculate? – **MCFluffyPants**

Brandon: No, it means I’m hung like a horse.

I just watched the movie “Outsourced” and it was pretty good, which makes the crappy TV series they based on it even more shitty. – **A Sad Pathetic Little Man**

satchmo: The latent racism in that show makes me uncomfortable. Wait, no it doesn’t!

Brandon: Because you’re racist, get it?!

you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re i’m a fucking retard – **cdub**

Brandon: SuperRad?

When you see my face, I hope it gives you hell! – **Sashima**

Brandon: I am please to say that not only did I not get that reference, but when I looked up what the hell you were talking about, the song was instantly forgettable. It’s certainly no California Gurls.

satchmo: Daisy dukes, bikinis on top!

One order of steaming hot Detlef Schrempf, please. – **Hoosierdaddy**

Brandon: The song or the player?

“She’s more like the Baba Looey to my Quick Draw McGraw.” There’s an El Kabong joke in there, I just know it. – **WindFish**

Brandon: I disagree. El kabonging is serious busines.

Do you like your job? – **Dazz07**

Brandon: It takes a lot of school and training to be an astronaut, but in the long run, as I’ve walked on the suface of the moon and gazed upon this peaceful planet, I think the hard work has paid off, so yes.

I’m bad at Life! Should I take the fast track instead of going to college? Everyone goes to college, but then they still get a shitty job. And the spinner is kind of stuck. – **Milton Bradley**

Brandon: So long as you don’t put any little blue or pink pegs in your back seat, you’ll be A-OK!

Dude, don’t hate. – **Nickelback**

Brandon: Bro, no.

yeah this is a pretty sick tattoo – **Gibo**

Brandon: I don’t think you understand how these work.

What books are you currently reading? – **The Literati**

Brandon: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman. Shadow just went to Las Vegas!

Have you had any children with hookers? – **Mark**

Brandon: No, but I’ve killed hookers with children.

Those last drcs were short and unsatisfying, much like \[insert brandon sex joke\] – **hero**

Brandon: That’s the last time I have sex with you!

I hated The xx whenever I tried to listen to them last year. But then “Do You Mind?” randomly played for me the other day and I can’t stop going back to it. I had a similar experience with “Hello, Dali” a couple weeks ago. I hated the way those strings sounded in the beginning, so I never stuck with the song for that awesomeawesome bass line or that falsetto.

I’m looking forward to another pretentious mix this year. – REVLIK

Brandon: I hope you like Katy Perry!

i have heard that this video game is AWESOME!! i have scribblenauts but now i have super scribblenauts and it is so much better!! by the way, please keep making super scribblenauts videos and uploading them on youtube!!!! – **sam**

Brandon: You GOT it, sam!!!

I resent that, the correct term is not a yobbo, it is a bogan.



Brandon: I would like to thank you for helping all of us properly insult people from around the world.

i was wakling down the street and i thought i seen a gay orgy…nope was just brandon and satchmo – **smotpoker**

Brandon: It’s only gay if the balls touch.