Nintendo Pledges to Reveal New Console

by Travis Woodside on

At a recent investor’s call, Nintendo admitted that yes they were actually making a new console and that everyone could just leave them alone until E3.

This validates one rumor, that Nintendo is making a new console and that it is planned for release “soonish”. Rumors unvalidated?:

* Graphical power greater than XBox 360.

* There will be a screen on the controller for some weird reason.

* Grand Theft Auto V is being developed for the system.

Speculations unvalidated?:

* It will have a massive hard drive.

* The online network will be “fixed” and be “great.”

* It will be awesome.

The news about this new system has been… weird. It really sounds like Nintendo is trying to please the core and casual market at the same time with this venture. Only time will tell (of course!) what they are actually planning. Find out more at E3 where we will be there live THROUGH THE INTERNET to find out more as well.

This is literally everything we know about the new system.