Nintendorks Board Member DJMatt to Kiss Scott Moffitt

by Travis Woodside on

In the wake of Scott Moffitt’s hiring by Nintendo, Nintendork DJMattB241 has expressed interest in kissing the former overlord of Sierra Mist. *“Okay, all jokes aside, did he seriously replace Cammie?

If so, I want to kiss this man on the mouth.”*

The facts are clear. Cammie Dunaway was Nintendo’s EVP of Sales & Marketing. Scott Moffitt? Well, he’s Nintendo’s new EVP of Sales & Marketing. Also, his mouth tastes like Mug Root Beer.

It seems that our friend DJMatt is going to have his work cut out for him, however, as Scott Moffitt now lives in Seattle, WA.

“That’s just really far away,” DJMatt will probably say. “Besides, if I went around kissing everyone I said I wanted to then there’d be diseases aplenty. I just can’t take that risk.

I tried to contact DJMatt’s probable self that would have said those things to see if he meant that he might get diseases from sharing saliva with so many people or that he might endanger everyone by sharing his diseases, but he did not get back to me before it was time to publish.