There are no winners here

by Eric Denney on

You know how you can’t listen to that big stack of Weird Al cassette tapes in your closet anymore because your old cassette player broke back in the Clinton era?

Or how you still think about all those low-res porn .gifs on that Zip disc you had in college, and every now and then you consider plunking down $10 to buy a zip drive off eBay to transfer all those images to a format you can still masturbate to? Well, some dipshit thought it would be a good idea to tattoo himself with a similar soon-to-be-forgotten technology.

Apparently, this guy really wanted to be able to play a crappy 3DS mini-game while wobbling the system with his free hand. If that was his aim, then Mission Accomplished.

You take a perfectly interesting technology like augmented reality, and he screws it all up by tattooing an AR tag on his arm. “At least he put it someplace where it won’t be terribly visible when the technology gets outdated,” is what I would be saying if he didn’t put the tattoo right smack in the middle of his forearm. His future dignity had better get used to long-sleeved shirts.