Wii 2 To Be Called the “Nintendo Feel” Maybe

by Justin on

Vad fan är en Nintendo Feel****Justin: Hey Chris

Chris: What’s up, man?

Justin: Did you hear that rumor that the Wii2 will be called the Nintendo “Feel” and the controller’s touchscreen will have haptic feedback?

Chris: Nope.

Where’d you get that?

Justin: It’s on this Swedish site: http://loading.se/news.php?pub_id=15144 – it says the controller screen will feel like whatever surface the game tells it. So like raised bumps, or marble, or wetness.

Chris: I’m not sure that’s how haptic feedback works…

Justin: No seriously, it’ll let you feel furry surfaces, and the difference between white and black people skin.

Chris: You’re an idiot.

Justin: I’ll finally know what “ashy” feels like!