by Kevin on

The internet loves hackin’, huh?

They just love to get in to servers they’re not allowed to get in, and steal all those tasty secrets. And user information. And passwords. And, hopefully, credit card account numbers. The internet just loves this. Today, news comes from the Wall Street Journal that the hacker group Lulzsec (kudos to you guys, Lulzsec, for having a name that is wonderful, if only because I like seeing the Wall Street Journal have to use the word “Lulzsec”), who had previously gained fame for breaking into Sony and just going crazy with all of the secretstealin’, went after a US Nintendo Server, getting at some tasty secrets – oh wait, it was just a server config file? Just “data for programming purposes”?

And Lulzsec said they “less than three” Nintendo? They were just doing this to point out a security flaw? Well, that’s awful nice of them. What a good group of frien- oh HO!

Chalk one up to FRIEND CODES, GUYS.