Sony damages door

by Chris V on

Like an amped up cop in an action film, Sony has metaphorically kicked through the door, reports IGN’s Patrick Kolan.

“[By] taking a smaller step forward, Nintendo left the door open to Sony,” Kolan writes. “Sony didn’t just squeeze through the crack – it blew the door off its hinges.” This is an important similitude because it really illustrates that Sony did not gently maneuver its way through a tiny opening between a door and its frame, but rather Sony symbolically pushed through the door to such an extent as to make it seem like the door blew off its hinges. Now, it’s important to remember that IGN is not trying to illustrate the idea that Sony huffed and puffed and blew the door off its hinges – that is a fairy tale allegory. This is more of a business idea, in that Nintendo is like Country Time lemonade, and Sony is like Kool Aid with a ton more flavors than Country Time, and the Kool Aid man just burst through the God damn wall, only he used the door this time because Nintendo left it slightly ajar, but it’s still intense. Sure, Sony didn’t have to burst through the door, they could have pushed it open. It’s not like the door was locked. But that’s the idea. Nintendo should have deadbolted that door. It didn’t. Now Sony is in “da” house by way of forceful entry, and things – especially doors – may never be the same.