BREAKING! Nintendo Has Made a New System and Iwata WANTS ANSWERS.

by Ray on

President of Nintendo, Satoru “sweet cheeks” Iwata has been conducting a series of online interviews called Iwata Asks with his fellow yellow shaded minions about how to make good video games ever since the Wii came out back in the 80’s.

In this latest entry, our main man tosses out some hard hitting questions about the company’s upcoming Wii U system that no one asked him if it was ok to make. Also, everyone laughs a lot because really these roundtables were spoken in Japanese and then translated by former Nintendojo staffers. As far as we know, Nintendo will actually be releasing a $350 dollar hamster cage this November 18th.

If you’re bored enough with the internet to be reading this paragraph right now, you might as well check out the full transcript right here.