HOLD IT! Anime lawyer’s home saved from demolition for now, but the clock is ticking

by John "ANC" Barnes on

The Associated Press reports that Phoenix Wright’s boyhood home, which was slated to be torn down by a developer who purchased the property, will now remain for almost another month in an 11th-hour reprieve.

The house had been indicted on a murder charge and evidence against it seemed to be mounting in the trial, but a close reading of the facts in court on Tuesday warranted further investigation, according to the unnamed judge. Sources close to the trial say that they have strong evidence indicating that the aforementioned developer is the one responsible for the murder, including a pre-trial cutscene that actually shows them committing the act, and that the developer was brazenly trying to railroad the innocent house both to pin the blame on someone else and pick up the prime real estate on which it sits for a bargain price. When asked why this evidence had been withheld up to this point, the source said that it simply wouldn’t have been as dramatic if introduced earlier.