New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Packs Are Available Now and I Guess You Should Probably Buy Them if You Want To!

by Ray on

Let’s just crack a window open and let some of this tension out right off the bat. It’s true that I was a bit harsh in my review of New Super Mario Bros. 2 a while back but listen: That doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it enough to completely neglect every personal relationship until I unlocked all of the secret stages and found every special coin.

Once that was wrapped up, all that was left for me to get into were the special coin rush stages in an attempt to reach 1,000,000,000 like Nintendo kept telling me to do if I wanted to feel good about myself. But unfortunately instead of newly designed levels, this mode consisted of randomly chosen ones that were already featured in the main game and that I’d already played the holy hell from. Thus, I tapped out and haven’t turned on NSMB2 since crawling past the 100k mark a few weeks ago. Well Nintendo is tossing it’s feathered cap into the DLC ring this week by releasing a series of packs featuring all new content. If you’re like me and can’t stop throwing money at whatever Nintendo tells you to, this is obviously wonderful news. Here are the marvelous options that await you:

Gold Rush Pack: Fun new courses that give novice players the best chance to collect lots of gold, and veterans the chance to set even higher Coin Rush records. Whoopty do.

Coin Challenge Pack A: The New Super Mario Bros. 2 website will track the rankings based on the scores for this pack, enabling players to measure their scores against other tallies from around the world in these more open courses. Who actually does this?

Nerve-Wrack Pack (I love that title): Intense new courses designed for veteran players looking for new challenges. THIS might be interesting.

Each of these packs will run you $2.50 a pop or you can download all three at once for $7.50. Behold the value. If my subtle lack of enthusiasm in this post isn’t enough to persuade you to snatch these up right now, here: Listen to President Reggie’s words and much like the yearning pleas of one Peter Frampton, allow him to show you the way: