So here’s the deal

by Brandon on

Any long time reader of the site will know two things:

  1. Jonathon and I transformed the Nintendo 64 Underground into Nintendorks
  2. Every time the domain came close to expiring, Jonathon dropped the ball on renewing it, and for a few days the site disappears until the domain is renewed.

Every time the above happened, I asked Jonathon if I could take over paying for the domain. Just put it on auto-renew with my ISP hosting the website. He has a tax id and LLC with (which let us get into E3 in the past, so that’s nice), so he always said he was more comfortable with it under his name. Ok, I said.

Last year, Jonathon moved the domain registry to a different service. One that was cheaper. So cheap, that it didn’t display a warning notice on the main page for all to see that the domain was about to expire and/or Jonathon is too busy raising A FAMILY to be involved at all with the site, and he didn’t see any e-mails letting him know the domain was about to expire.

Long story short: Some Korean dude named Hong now owns the “” domain.

So, until (if?) Jonathon pays whatever Hong wants for, is the new home of Nintendorks. You’ll notice the links on the side have been updated to reflect this minor (yet sad) change. So if you have any bookmarks, update that shit. And place your bets on how many time I mess up typing the wrong URL when I need to change something. And speaking of change…

…we are in the process of bringing the site and the forums more into the 21st century. I’ve been working with Garret on switching the content management from Nucleus to WordPress, and with that is a new look that we’re finalizing. After that the next big step is figuring out how to migrate this Nucleus database over to the WordPress database without losing any content. Off the top of my head 90% the image paths are tied into Nucleus’s uploading system, so I’m going to guess there will be a bunch of broken images, but we’ll see.

Anyway, if you see anything weird going on, hopefully it’s because of this change and not because we’re being hacked by a Bangladeshi or having our domain stolen by a Korean squatter.

After THAT, Jeremiah is working on updating the forum software to something special, I’m sure. Change is good.