This Just In: Nintendo Will Soon Be Dropping the Price of their Netflix Player to $130!!

by Ray on

So for those of you that have been on the fence about buying a Wii for the past, oh let’s see…six years now, I’d say your patience has finally paid off. Unless of course you’re in any way interested in tossing a couple of hundred extra bucks at the Wii U which will be hitting store shelves about a month from now. Y’know, the NEW Nintendo console that can do everything the Wii can and more?

Sure it won’t come with the Wii Sports/Sports Resort 2-pack thingie that you see included but you could always pick those games up used for next to nothing if you really want them. Besides, if bowling at your TV screen is an offer more enticing to you than a brand new HD video game console that will allow you to play Batman: Arkham City, and entries in the Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty franchises, than hey how’s it going me from 2006? I guess this deal is right up your weird little alley, isn’t it? Also, heads up: You’ll finally become a staffer right before the domain gets snatched up by a Korean. Won’t that be nice?