Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen the death of Shigeru’s List, and will soon see the end of the Nintendorks.

by Ray on

Well that isn’t a very nice attitude to have now is it 8-Bit Vader? The truth is that me and my pals over at Shigeru’s List have been invited to help put the final nail in the coffin provide this lovely site with our invaluable expertise on all things Nintendo (and maybe even some other stuff) from now on. You can look forward to the same high quality self indulgence that we’ve blessed the internet with over there for these past few years only now under the legendary banner of Nintendorks. There are a lot of very strong ideas and opinions we’ll have to share in the coming months what with the holiday season just around the corner and some newfangled Nintendo contraption that you plug into your boob tube about to hit store shelves. You hear that, people? That’s the sound of this site rising from the ashes like a glorious phoenix or cranky old man. Nintendorks isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so you can just go ahead and uncross your fingers now.